About my handle

Quite evidently, Chise Hachiroku is far from my real name. In an English sense it does not even contain all the letters of my much shorter legal name.

This handle is organised in a common western manner, with the ‘given surname’ being Hachiroku and a ‘given given name’ of Chise. It carries my deepest wishes of what kind of person I wish to be at a certain given moment in the future.

The first part, Chise (ちせ), comes from Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet (最終兵器彼女, Saishū Heiki Kanojo), also known as She, the Ultimate Weapon. Quite a strange name to choose even looking from this day, but it represents my wish to be able to plainly face the emotions that naturally occur within myself. I also wish I could be able to recognise the yearns and desires in a more correct and suitable way.

The second part, Hachiroku (ハチロク), comes from visual novel Maitetsu. Hachiroku there is a ‘railroad’, essentially an android with a simulated conscious personality. My choice of this particular character is related to her transition within the plot – from ‘worrying too much’ to being able to walking out the shades of the past. It is my hope that I shall be able to realise this for myself someday in the near or far future, and to remind me that my body will decay, and I should seize every moment in my finite life.

As you might have noticed – both characters are female. Actually, that tells why in the tagline on this website I encourage you to use they/them, although as a joking effort I sometimes sexually identify myself as railroad on a number of websites.

One way or another, they both received the relationship yearned and needed. Constantly I ask myself – will I be able to get the one I wish for, or I have already got by heart stolen by a ghost? That is a question I have no answer of, and probably will not be able to answer for a very long time.

I hope this would satisfy your curiosity.