Exchanged Links

Please note that I do not endorse or approve contents on the following website, unless they have been run and maintained by myself. If you find anything that is inappropriate, unlawful, unethical, or against my link exchange requirements, please notify me at

Advisory: Many of the contents and images of this site has applied saturation changes to make this website displays in a calm rather than vivid manner, to make them more suitable for those find them disturbing (e.g. due to neurodiversity). Many websites listed below is not controlled by myself, and even some I do control is not suitable to apply same changes.

Non-urgent advice: Link Exchange Requirements

To have your link listed here, you may send an email to me at chise at hachiroku dot uk. It definitely would be better and harder for me to refuse if you could contact me directly. Link exchange means we have to have URL of each other listed, so please do not even consider an asymmetric relation.

You must provide: Site name, Site URL, and a Feature Image.
You could add: A tagline, and/or a Feature Colour in RGB Hex.

Your website should be accessible from the UK and the PRC. Website should use a paid domain and have both primary and www subdomain mapped, which contain sensible presentation and some reasonable contents. Your website must be legit under both English and Chinese Law. If your server or a CDN point of presence is within the EEA and/or the UK, I may additionally require presence of a privacy policy.

The majority of your website must be acceptable under ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and BCS Code of Conduct as I am a member of these two organisations. For the same reasons, I will only refuse exceptional edge cases from members of ACM, BCS, and/or SIGGRAPH.

Only if your website supports a given language will it be added to the footer of this website. For example, if your website supports Japanese and English then it will be shown in the footer links for Japanese and English pages, but not Chinese ones.

Please note: Not all applicants will be added. Results will be communicated to you within 72 hours.