Welcome to my tiny space!

You’ve arrived at this page because you typed or are linked to ‘C86.moe‘ or ‘Hachiroku.uk‘, the domains for my personal amusement and daily lives.

Who am I?

Atypical Generation Z, Singleton (by many means), senior junior programmer, Quasi-Hikikomori, J-Pop & Anime lover, DATE·A·LIVE Saikou! Also, late-stage Chuunibyo when online.

Undergraduate Class of 2021 in Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

Not what you are looking for?

I have switched to this domain for a better identity visibility. My email addresses, most of the projects, and almost all of the future sub-sites will remain on c86.moe. Presentations, however, will be hosted over here.

For academic part of my life, see C86 Academic at C86.ac.cn.

Sub-sites and Projects

Click here for depreciated projects.

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