Toast, towards the splendour of tomorrow!

You’ve arrived at this page because you typed or are linked to ‘’, ‘’, or ‘’ directly. I use these domains for my online, offline, and hybrid presences. You may see these links in my profile, resume, or even business cards.

Who am I?

Atypical Generation Z, Singleton (by many means), senior junior programmer, Quasi-Hikikomori, J-Pop & Anime lover, DATE·A·LIVE Saikou! Also, occasional Chuunibyo when online.

Undergraduate Class of 2021 at the University of Manchester, currently pursuing a degree of MEng (Hons) Computer Science, student member of ACM (plus SIGGRAPH), BCS, and CCF. I am actively looking for 2024 summer internship to boost my abilities.

Contributor, technician, and founder of Girl Cafe Gun Doujin Site ( and Girl Cafe Gun Wiki. Project coordinator and contributor of 2022 and 2023 Double Life World New Year’s Programme. I am currently studying physically based (photorealistic) rendering and interactions between lights and fabrics.

It is hard to describe what my hobbies and enjoyment preferences are, but in summary, I have deep and unyielding affections for:
– My treasures hidden in the monochrome world filled with perfume of sea,
– Hopes illustrated by sound of classic pianos that resembles colourful voices,
– Infinite Möbius strips built on the magpie bridge beet in a misty dream,
– Constant moderato constitutes of luminous memory and pixel times,
– Unfolding secret stories being told and entrusted in every happy lucky step,
– Soliloquies that let adrenaline in body to skyrocket whenever it sounds, and
– Q&As that would only be possible with golden powder snow and a tasty date.

A small gallery of mine.

I have taken a lot of photos in my life, more than I could ever count.

These are some of my most satisfying ones I could find, as well as the ones particularly interesting.

This lighthouse stays in residential area, taken by a Google Glass.

For my personal projects, past experiences, and academic blog, please refer to C86 Academic. I am no longer maintaining any non-academic blog of my own, but you could find my previous blogs in the historical archive if you wish.

Kindness Exchange

I treat everyone with respect and kindness to everyone I met. That is usually unconditional, and not only to those I love and treasure, but also for strangers I meet, regardless of gender, religion, profession, nationality, or ethnicity.

I expect my kindness to be exchanged for your kindness. I believe this is the way that my finite life could be more meaningful to mankind and society. I would treat everyone equally with dignity, and wish you to do so in return. We are all humans, after all.

However, as you may imagine, such kindness sometimes may be used to tag me as weak, foolable, or could be subject to exploitation. I have encountered this more times than you could imagine and is proficient in identifying relevant indicators.

Once I have discovered any activity that indicates your perception of me including an option of taking my kindness as leverage, I will terminate all relations, sometimes including those of ones close to you if situation requires, immediately.

In case of a termination, I will formally withdraw any items I have lent, and return all if borrowed. Services will be charged at market prices. Priority response is no longer an option when there is no legal obligation, and further cooperation would be unlikely.

There is one pessimism statement that I do not like, but obey to:
Kind persons need to have better aim, to prevent being frequently targeted by.

Contact Me

There are many ways. If you are asking for some help for some specific service or programme of mine, please contact them through their respective contact details.

Or better, you are trying to reach me, not my project, please:

  • Academic (non-personal): yanghu22 at acm dot org
  • Personal (non-academic): chise at hachiroku dot uk
  • Need to have real-time chat? You can now book me!

Please note I will not redirect or respond to any queries to my academic or personal mailboxes when they should have been sent elsewhere. There will be no exceptions to the greatest extent that is legally feasible.

I am a certified agent in SEO optimisation, have adequate website development experiences, and do not have need to engage with customers or to design mobile applications. Sending emails for commercial proposals, especially related to above topics, will lead to your email address being reported to abuse handling departments of your mail service.

I also do not take commercial advertisements or personal collaboration proposals, especially for those on my personal websites or projects. If you are aiming to form a partnership with me, please refer to LoliWorks, an initiative I am a member of. They are interested in accepting proposals all the time.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to;
To see behind walls, draw closer;
To find each other and to feel.
That is the purpose of life.